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A question of excellence

Tukasom has been in the market for 30 years, and it is one of the biggest sound system hire companies for corporate and show-business events. The company is distinguished for offering its clients high quality sound system designs and services, due to its philosophy of achieving fidelity and amplification of the sound source, preserving its integrity and final texture.

Besides the constant updating and renewal of its product line, Tukasom works with high quality and state of the art audio equipment, which, along with the special attention to detail (from the smallest plugs, cables, wires and microphones to the consoles) guarantees the excellence that an audio system requires.

Tukasom is structured to provide services to many events of all sizes at the same time, with the same audio signal integrity, the reliance on the best performance and, above all, the safety for which the company if famous in the market.

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